About Me


Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Business Woman, Real Estate Broker, and Happy Cook.

My passion is Food, and a love of Travel. Actually, food and travel always go together. Trying new foods and enjoying different foods is what makes travel even more fun.

It is a joy to create and modify recipes that will not only tantalize the palate, but also satisfy the bodily requirement for daily nourishment.

I am not afraid to try new recipes; Asian, American, German, or Italian.

However, I must admit that Italian cuisine is my favorite. Who can resist those spectacular pastas?

A couple of years ago I found myself at a very unhealthy weight. I wore a size 24, could not get out of my own way, and was tired and cranky all the time. A lifetime of diets, weight control measures, and yo-yo syndrome had left me feeling defeated. No matter what I tried, (you name it, I know it) the weight always returned, always giving me back more than I had lost. It wasn’t until a friend in Austria showed me the “Montignac Book” on weight control, that I realized that “diet” is a four-letter word, and that we do not have to starve ourselves, give up our favorite foods, or live on a harsh diet regimen for the rest of our lives. What a concept.

Oh by the way, did I mentioned that my husband of almost 55 years had been diagnosed with diabetes II, had triglyceride readings which were off the page, a stent in his heart, and a lovable belly? He no longer has diabetes, his triglycerides are normal, and his Santa belly as well as over 60 unwanted pounds are gone. WOW. And in case you care, my dress size is now 14-16 depending on the cut. Not too bad for a 76 year old woman.

LOW GLYCEMIC is the word of the kitchen now; all my recipes are Low Glycemic conversions… almost gourmet conversions actually, of old tried and true foods that are staples of the American, European, and Asian diet.

I am in the process of creating a cookbook of our Mother’s and Grandmother’s treasured recipes --- you know, the ones you grew up with, and the ones that send you down the happy memory trail? Only difference is that these are modified to the “LOW GLYCEMIC METHOD” for those of you truly interested in either losing weight or maintaining your perfect weight. Stay tuned, work in progress.

So, now, let us get started shall we? It is easy, painless, free, and you will never feel starved or deprived again. As one TV commercial so aptly puts it: What will you “gain” by losing and by being healthy?

Robert Lillie 2012