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I am just kidding, don’t eat fried catfish…ever!

Summer is just around the corner!!!! Its time to think“BIKINI”

Looking at summer comes our renewed determination to lose weight, feel wonderful, and buy smaller clothing—— maybe even a bikini?

Of course if we follow all those ads on TV, buy all those “methods” on the internet, and swallow all those magic pills, this will miraculously happen within a few days…NOT! But once again even though we know better, we are gonna try it just one more time right? WRONG! Save yourself the agony of defeat, save yourself the agony of starvation diets, save yourself all that money, and stop being a yo-yo forever.

Eating simple and delicious low glycemic foods forces you to eat better food, which in turn forces you to eat natural foods, which in turn creates a healthier lifestyle. And…are you ready... You will lose weight easily.

The LOW GLYCEMIC METHOD is actually very simple. Eat foods that are at or below 40 GI on the index. Avoid any foods that are processed, contain sugar, have high fructose corn syrup, or are deep-fried. If the label contains words you can’t pronounce, much less understand, don’t eat it!!! Eat foods in their natural state, closer to their origin, whenever possible. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and try whenever possible to limit your fat intake. Low fat or non-fat dairy will not kill you.

Drink lots of water so that your body can easily flush out those extra pounds. And…drum roll please…EAT!! At least 3 meals a day. Never skip on breakfast because your body has been fasting all night and now needs some fuel to get going in the morning. If you eat bread, do so only at breakfast and only the “Ezekial” brand no flour or sugar, sprouted grain bread. Toasting the bread will also reduce the GI index. Enjoy lunch but avoid the sandwich, remember that bread is only at breakfast until you have attained your desired goal. A salad made with fresh greens and meats or cheese or both is delicious. Or, take some of that leftover chicken or steak combined with a fresh fruit or veggie. Your choices are endless, be creative. Snack on a few nuts or an apple or even a nice piece of cheese if you are hungry. Do not starve yourself; your body will not like that.

Above all, DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY, OR EVEN EVERY WEEK. Your clothes will tell you soon enough. Forget the scale exists. Weighing yourself will either put you on a high or defeat you. Weight is a fluctuating factor based on many things not the least of which is water in your system. Do not let it dictate your mood or results. Trust me on this one. Last but not least try to walk a little every day. Do some form of physical movement every day. No not the gym, just move whenever possible. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car a little further away from the front door of the mall or grocery store or shop, so that you walk a bit to your destination. Your muscles are a storehouse for protein, use them.

I promise you that if you eat the low glycemic way and eliminate all sugars, white flour, corn and corn products, potatoes, processed foods, fast foods and sodas, etc. you will quickly and easily lose the weight. We did!

Check the website for recipes and ideas:

Stay tuned, more news coming soon. Remember, if you have questions we are happy to answer you via email. [ elillie@earthlink.net ] Address is on the site. Happy eating everyone…

Robert Lillie 2012