RUN FAST! We have been busy with a special guest these past three weeks. Our time has been filled with sightseeing, eating, more sightseeing, more eating, trip to Vegas, Grand Canyon, Sedona Arizona, and, (drum roll please) you guessed it…more eating. Good foods, ethnic foods, buffets, Native American foods, and Starbucks, not necessarily in that order. While we have been careful to stay on the Low Glycemic regime, it has not always been that easy because our “tourist trap” places are filled with awful choices. BUT, we have carefully made our choices, which resulted in feeling pretty OK. Breakfast does not have to include pancakes or waffles or hash browns. It is perfectly ok to eat eggs and fresh fruit and cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes instead. Lunch doesn’t have to be a monster hamburger on a white bun, it is perfectly ok to eat a fresh green salad or have that hamburger albeit a bit smaller, between two big lettuce leaves instead of bread. Works just as well. Buffets don’t have to include fried foods and sugary desserts, it is ok to eat fresh fruits and veggies and chicken or meat or fish instead. And by the way, that huge salad bar is just waiting to be attacked, the choices are endless. Which brings me to the real subject of today’s blog: Easter and all the sugar, chocolate, starchy and gooey foods which come with this holiday. I have a very easy suggestion, which might help with that rabbit attack. Try this, you might find that it works. Instead of saying “ I cant have that, therefore I am a poor deprived poopsie,“whoa is me”, trying doing this instead: You obviously remember just how the food you crave tastes, feels and smells to you. You obviously remember what it is that appeals to you so much right? OK, no problem, you are not depriving yourself, you already have vicariously in your mind at this moment enjoyed this item. Sooo, when you crave that piece of decadent cake, or whatever else you desire, sit down or find a comfortable spot. Then close your eyes and see that object in your mind. Remember how it looks, tastes, smells, feels on your tongue and how it makes you feel when you are enjoying that food. Now take your time and again in your mind enjoy that food! Remember as much as you can about eating that food. Now, take a minute and ask yourself “how do I feel after I have eaten that food?” Do I feel guilty? Do I feel defeated because I ate this food? Am I afraid of sabotaging my desired results? Am I happy that I ate this food? Does it make me feel good or bad? Now, comfortably come back to the present. When you are ready, take a moment and ask yourself whether it would be at all possible to put off eating this food, because after all, you know how it looks, tastes, feels in your mouth, how it smells, and how it makes you feel when you eat it. Chances are the answer will be a resounding YES. Remember, you can have this treat, the choice of when and where is always up to you. Putting it off and making better choices will encourage spectacular results. Now go dye some hard boiled eggs and have a Happy Easter.

Robert Lillie 2012