The Anniversary Cruise and other musings

As they say in my world, OMG! We just came off a 10-day holiday, which included a fabulous cruise to the Bahamas with our family. Being human after all, I discovered to my dismay that today the pants, which are always worn to the dog park DO NOT FIT! I cannot breathe in them. Horror of horrors I have gained weight. The worst part is that I should have known better, actually do know better, but was a “bad girl” anyway.

While I want to blame the food on the cruise line for my gain, I know that there were other and far healthier choices available. Soooo, in retrospect I would have to give myself 17 demerits for this failure and the cruise line a few as well for hidden high glycemic ingredients which I did not see coming. As well, a friend who is gluten intolerant also suffered more than once with symptoms of hidden high gluten ingredients in what seemed to be “safe food”.

Friends and neighbors, this is a warning to be very aware of what you put in your mouth and what might be lurking in the background. Maryland crab cakes, billed as “grilled” actually had flour tying them together. Flour, especially white flour is extremely high glycemic and also absolutely verboten for gluten intolerant people. Soups billed as “creamed” had a flour roux base. Au jus for prime rib actually was made with a flour roux base as well, which gave it the creamy consistency. Baked apples seemingly “safe” were embellished with added sugar for sweetness. And oh those incredible toasted bagels with cream cheese and salmon turned out to be lethal. YUP, lethal! Bagels are poison for low glycemic lifestyles and I am here to tell you that they were one of the main culprits for my gain. Of course the chocolate goodies and large portions of foods didn’t help either.

Now that I have confessed I know that this is not the end, and that this is not a reason to continue on with the “bad girl” business. It is not a reason to say “what the hell, I will just continue eating cause I love it, I have gained the weight so what”. Truth of the matter is that all I need do is return to what makes me feel good, what gives me back the body which fits into my clothes, and what I know is good for me. Eating the correct way, utilizing what I know about the low glycemic program, and knowing that it works is all I need do. There is no necessity to beat myself up or feel like a failure. The weight will come off again quickly and the lessons of eating and grazing through foods without a care in the world have been learned and will not be repeated. No more Yo-Yo, I know my body and I know that above all, I am not a “bad girl”. I will be back when the pants fit again…hopefully not so far off in the distance. I am now off to my lovely greens with tuna and goodies, which await for lunch. Stay tuned dear readers, all is not lost.

Robert Lillie 2012