Fluffy Cottage Cheese Pancakes


Everything in the recipe is low GI. For rapid weight loss.


Cup chickpea (garbanzo) flour

4 fresh eggs

1-cup low fat small curd cottage cheese

tsp vanilla

Blend well in a blender until batter consistency. I used my $20.00 Ninja for this.

Drop by tablespoons on hot griddle. Turn over when top bubbles.

Serve with SOHGAVE Maple syrup. (We will be carrying this product shortly). GI= 17

Or 100% peanut butter topped with St. Dafour natural jam. (Will also have this available shortly, check our products tab for new goodies coming soon.) Or just with butter and a bit of natural Agave nectar sprinkled over. These are wonderful, Guilt free, and


Now go out and happily conquer the holiday madness!

Robert Lillie 2012